Nothing beats FreedomPop with its phone calendar that includes 500 SMS, 200 minutes of calls, and 500MB of data – all for $0/month. Plus, receive free global calls to 50 selected countries! Users can also make and receive calls and text messages using FreedomPop`s Wi-Fi app. It works even if you`re outside the US! It`s good for those who use the phone little. For faster data speed and unlimited calling and SMS capabilities, you can also upgrade to contract-free paid plans. Since its inception in 2009, Simple Mobile has always lived up to its name by providing simple, affordable and user-friendly mobile services without a contract. For just $25/month, you can enjoy 1GB of broadband data, unlimited SMS, and unlimited calls not only in the US, but also in some countries. In addition, Simple Mobile offers truly unlimited high-speed data and other cost-effective plans. In addition, customers can save up to $5 by opting for automatic charging. A postpaid plan also requires that you have a good balance when you pay for the service after using it. Prepaid users don`t need a credit check as they pay at the beginning of the service, so this is the best option if your credit history isn`t overdue. Now just a cellular service for Apple`s iPhones, Virgin has a single prepaid data plan. You get unlimited calls, SMS, and LTE data for $50 per month.

(This plan requires you to sign up for Autopay, and taxes are not included.) When you sign up for Virgin, you can get the same plan for $1 per month for the first six months of the service, whether you`re bringing your own iPhone or buying one from Virgin. Welcome to, where we publish reviews and comparisons of the best plans and prepaid or contractless phones to help consumers get their money`s worth. Want to save money on your monthly phone bill? Try a prepaid phone plan. Here`s a more in-depth look at all the prepaid options available to you. Rating: Best all around contractless service provider. Competitive quality plans for Pay As You Go, Monthly and Unlimited In addition to these established majors, two new companies also stand out. One of them is Republic Wireless, which offers a cheaper hybrid phone plan that connects users via wireless Wi-Fi networks (if available) instead of regular cellular networks. Another is Ting Mobile, which gives users the freedom to set up their own plans.

Both options have their pros and cons, but they offer a different perspective for non-contract phone plans. The downside of getting your prepaid service from a large carrier is that in most cases, you probably won`t see big cost savings like you would for a discount carrier. If your main concern is to reduce your monthly mobile phone bill, it is best to get your phone service from a mobile operator (MVNO). Like Ting, US Mobile offers a payment approach for what you use. You set sets of calls, SMS, and data each month, and when you go through them, you`ll be prompted to charge for them. US Mobile`s service is available through T-Mobile`s GSM network or Verizon`s CDMA network, and pricing varies depending on the service you`re using. (So also a monthly service fee – that`s $2 for GSM service and $4 for CDMA – and taxes aren`t included.) Mobile phone users can expect reliable and clear connections and high data speeds from these plans. Operators are called MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). They don`t operate their own smaller mobile networks. Instead, they made deals with major network operators like AT&T and Verizon to channel connections through the mainnet towers. 3G and 4G LTE speeds are standard.

No credit check. Prepaid phone plans do not require a credit check. Many consumers like this because there is no difficult credit extraction that could affect their credit score, or worse, prevent them from being approved for cell phone service. Once you`ve defined the best plans that`re right for you, consider a few companies that will provide you with the type of plans that best suit your needs. Compare their service and phone options. No contract phone company has a different selection of basic or functional smartphones and phones. You definitely want to choose a company that provides you with suitable phones at the right prices. Before you sign up, read their background to make sure you`re dealing with a reputable company. The market for non-contract radios is highly competitive and growing. More and more companies (MVNOs) are plunging into “No Contract Foray”, even if they are exposed to fierce competition. Companies tend to consolidate and retreat into larger companies, such as TracFone`s acquisition of Page Plus Cellular or AT&T`s acquisition of Leap Wireless.

The latest models of the latest Samsung Galaxy S series and iPhones are available at good prices, cheaper than it would cost with a “leasing” contract. Depending on the company, you can also bring your own unlocked phones (for example, Tracfone or Straight Talk). The best part is that they can be operated at a low monthly cost without a contract. If you have a contract with your carrier, it can be difficult to cancel your service and switch to another. This is because most airlines charge an early cancellation fee (ETF) if you withdraw prematurely from your contract. Your ETF could cost several hundred dollars if you`re relatively early in your contract. Boost Mobile is a highly valued provider of contract-free prepaid phone services that specializes in unlimited monthly plans. They`ve been in business for over a decade and don`t offer contract cell phone plans long before any contract plan became fashionable. Their efforts have clearly paid off, as they are now a recognized and trustworthy supplier that consumers are looking for.

Boost mobile clients like the quality and choice of smartphones and non-smartphones. In addition to iPhones and Androids, they also have a special Blackberry Curve phone and a very affordable combination of plans. Boost Mobile customers can save extra with their Shrinking Payments program, which reduces monthly phone bills by up to $15 per month. Full Rating >> Recommended for: Full selection of plans for medium to heavy phone users, including plans for people who need unlimited high-speed data A single line of unlimited calls/SMS/data will cost you $50/month and includes 5GB of access point usage. But Metro is really starting to pay dividends when you look at high-end plans, especially if you switch to multiple lines. Metro offers a wide range of promotions, phone discounts and other benefits (such as . B Amazon Prime membership in some plans) to sweeten the pot. You`ll find five plans at Cricket, a subsidiary of AT&T that uses its parent company`s mobile network. Cricket slows down data speed to 8 Mbps on all but one of its data plans; The exception is the Basic Unlimited plan, which limits speeds to 3 Mbps. Plans of 5 GB and more are eligible for a $5 monthly discount on automatic payment. Cricket takes $10 from a second row of data and $20 from the third, fourth and fifth rows. Cricket prices include taxes.

One of the many MVNOs powered by TracFone – Straight Talk is another TracFone MVNO listed in this guide – Page Plus` big claim to fame is that it grafts onto Verizon`s top-ranked mobile network. Page Plus plans range from a $10 offer (once you get an Autopay discount) to an unlimited data plan. Just note that taxes are not included. Net10 is a recognized and highly respected brand for pay-as-you-go and monthly prepaid mobile plans (defined as a 30-day service period). Their wide range of low-cost plans attracts different groups of customers, from those who use their phones moderately to heavy users who prefer unlimited plans. A basic Pay As You Go plan costs $30 for 60 days of use. Unlimited plans start at just $35 per month. Net10 users can choose from a good selection of smartphones or regular functional phones. Users who do not wish to use the Net10-specific mobile phones they already own can do so. One of the main strengths of Net10 is that it offers consumers good coverage on major networks such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Full review >> When it comes to your monthly cellular plan, your options don`t start and end with the big four carriers. In recent years, a number of discount operators have emerged that offer prepaid plans and are trying to convince you with a number of attractive mobile plans. In this section, we review and evaluate today`s best non-contract carriers. The reviews on this page give a quick idea of what each company is. For consumers who don`t have much preference for mobile phones to use, buying a prepaid phone directly from the phone plan company is a simpler and cheaper approach than unlocking an existing phone. It`s also less tedious than syncing an old phone with a provider`s network to make it work. That said, “bring your own phones” is a good alternative option, especially for more expensive cell phones or special phones that users already own and want to use. Recommended for: Low volume to medium volume of phone users, people who need a backup call plan or Straight Talk Wireless Internet access offers nationwide users high volume and unlimited cellular plans. Their most popular plans are affordable at $45/month or $55/month. Many of their customers are satisfied with the value and quality of their Straight Talk phone services. Users can find a good selection of phones offered on their website, by.

B example the latest iPhones, the latest Android models and much more.