An apartment rental inspection to assess the condition with the landlord is required in most states. This should be done both at the beginning and at the end of the lease. The first inspection allows you to note the existing conditions or damage to the housing unit. The final visit confirms the status of the rental of the apartment when you leave. In this way, a “before and after” assessment can be done, which is used to determine the damage or absence of damage that may have occurred during your care. Depending on your situation and if you work directly with a landlord, broker or property management company, you will find that many of these issues are addressed in a lease. That said, it`s worth thinking about before signing the lease. Some landlords have rules about the notice you must give if you want to renew the lease after your first term. You can`t always rely on them to get in touch with them and remind you when it`s time to let them know about a possible extension, so find out about the process early so you can no longer rent the device if you`re interested. In other cases, landlords may be more volatile about what you are allowed to do with your apartment.

For example, there may be a clause in the lease that “for any reason, no holes can be drilled into the walls.” Whether you are renting an apartment for the first or tenth time, it can be a stressful process. Asking questions before signing a lease will give you the information you need to feel safe from a position of knowledge and power. You`ll be able to get clarification on all your concerns and start your tenant-landlord relationship off on the right foot. Here are the 10 questions worth asking your landlord before signing your lease. Maintenance, while often uncomfortable, is part of life, whether you rent or own. The older the place where you move, the more likely you are to have to request maintenance during your stay. Ask management what their protocol is for managing regular and emergency maintenance. It`s a good idea to keep your maintenance team`s or person`s number handy when you need it. You don`t want to get stuck for weeks without running water or with a broken dishwasher, do you? Yes, it is possible.

If you currently have a monthly lease, your landlord may ask you to sign a new lease at the end of the month, provided appropriate notice is given in accordance with your state laws. If you are in the middle of a long-term lease, the new lease will take effect at the end of the current lease. It`s actually a good idea for you to have a lease or lease in progress, as it protects you and your landlord. Here are our most important questions to consider before signing a lease for an apartment. Thank you John! It is important that both parties to the landlord-tenant relationship are informed and prepared before entering into a housing contract. Thank you for your visit. 6. What happens if you need to break or renew the lease? We will help you find your new place and have you sign a lease that you understand and that makes you feel good. You will say in no time: “Home, cute house”! This may seem like a lot of questions you should ask your future homeowner. But they deal with situations that must arise during your rental. If you`re prepared in advance with the knowledge of how your landlord handles common rental tasks, you`ll save time in the future and help with an important housing decision – like signing a lease! Your responsibility is to leave your apartment as you found it, minus perhaps normal “wear and tear”.

If your device is not in perfect condition when you move in, you don`t want to be held responsible for any damage that existed before you arrived there. During an inspection, you can indicate areas with existing wear and tear and damage so that you, as the owner, do not take the cost of these repairs on your depotOlympia Management requires a deposit fee before a tenant is allowed to move in. Please note: The amount of the security deposit can be found at the bottom of the page of each accommodation under the. More. If you are looking for a fully furnished apartment, a landing has everything you need. In addition, it includes access to all the amenities that a building offers for rent, so you are free to use everything the building offers. As a general rule, you will receive written instructions regarding maintenance requests. Find out who to call in case of emergency (power outage, flood, no air conditioning in summer or no heating in winter).

Find out how and to whom you should make less urgent maintenance requests and how and when you can expect a service. .